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INCI: Palmaria palmata

Certified Organic

Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Servies

Origin: Canada

Some of the most important health benefits of dulse include its ability to improve vision, protect the immune system, build bone health, improve the thyroid gland, increase growth and repair, optimize the gastrointestinal system, lower blood pressure, strengthen the brain and nervous system, and boost circulation.

This nutrient-rich form of red alga has been an important food source for more than a thousand years in various parts of the world. It primarily grows on the northern coasts of the world’s major oceans, and is readily available in many area. Dulse, scientifically known as Palmaria palmata, consists of a short stem (stipe) and broad red-tinted fronds (leaves) that are somewhat thick and leathery in texture. All variations of this red alga contain a rich mixture of minerals, although some grow faster than others, and have various flavors depending on geographic location. Most times, the alga can be picked by hand from the shoreline, and then dried, fried, chopped, or ground for various culinary and medicinal uses

We absolutely love adding this botanical powder to face and body masks or wraps.  It leaves skin feeling extremely soft and silky, with its nutrient rich properties.

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