Loofah embedded soap is a wonderful way to combine both cleansing and exfoliating,
while really enjoying your bath or shower time.

Simply choose the scent you’re in the mood for, and start sudsing.  We will tell you, the loofah fiber is abrasive, as it’s meant to be, but breaks down very nicely after a few uses, to become rather enjoyable. 

Pure Suds Co.’s loofah embedded soap bars, were each created by hand, using All Natural and Organic specialty oils, butters, colorants and exfoliants of the finest quality, to ensure ultra unique, transparent, hot process formulas. 

Hot process soap making is very similar to cold process soap making, but differs in that the formula is “cooked” at a higher temperature for a longer period of time.  There are many different ways to make your own transparent formulas, but I can assure you, refining the recipes will take much practice and patiance. 
Once we have finished adding ingredients to our soap formula and it begins to trace, we pour our hot soap recipe into 88oz loaves, then embed the loaves with 12 inches of loofah, or dried plant gourd.  The hot soap loaves then sit, cool and harden for roughly 48 hours.  The hardened soap is then released from the flexible loaves and sliced in a one inch miter box.  We then set the loofah embedded bars an open aired curing rack, for anywhere between 3-6 weeks, while they harden and complete the curing process.

Each bar is then hand packaged and sealed, in a three step process, hand labeled (did I mention we hand make our own ingredient labels?) and placed out into spas, boutiques, tanning salons and the hands of the wonderful people that love our products.  We hope you enjoy these amazingly delicious bars as much as we love making them!