Jessica was born and raised in the Scranton, PA area.  She has many fond memories of the beautiful countryside, in Newton-Ransom, where she grew up, and still enjoys spending time.  She feels much of her natural-seeking motivation, is driven by positive memories spent in this area, with people close to her.

Pure Suds Co. was created in November of 2010, after a few months of joyfully experimenting with soap making, as a form of therapy.  She finally mastered the formulas of hot process soap making, then opted to add both loofah and sea wool to these transparent recipes, making them ultra unique and dual purpose. 

As the story of small business seems to go, she gave a few bars to friends and family as gifts, then neighbors far and wide, and finally, local retailers.  In the process of growing the company’s clientele, she began broadening her All Natural and Organic ingredient spectrum, by expanding the product line.  Not until the year of 2013, was Jessica able to travel and promote the company’s success.    

Jessica has many passions in life, besides the rapdily growing business.  While her beloved animals aren’t keeping her busy, she also enjoys traveling, skiing, scuba diving, horse back riding, surfing, hiking and living a healthy lifestyle.  She feels blessed to be involved in the concious evolution, of choosing to live a natural lifestyle, and loves educating others on how easy, fun and rewarding it can be.