While taking on the passion of her first company, Jessica has remembered the importance of handmade quality, described by her grandfather, from an early age.  A handmade item holds love and character from the very center of its being.  It’s not mass produced on a factory line, or processed by a machine.

At Pure Suds Co., each item is stirred, poured, whipped, sliced, wrapped, labeled, and ventures out into the world, by hand.  To truly know and value a product, the maker should be aware of it’s every form, fully and unconditionally.

Supporting the Handmade industry, is a conscious choice one makes, which is a bigger deal than many realize.  As industrialization rises, quality of a product typically falls short of what it “used to be”, occasionally to the point of unrecognizability.  Supporting handmade, local goods, is one way to help ensure a better quality of life for you, those around you and generations to come.  Be the change.