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Ingredients:  Basil Leaf (Ocimum basilicum) Powder

Certified Organic

Origin: Egypt

Basil has long been considered an anti-depressant. It makes an excellent tea that acts on the adrenal cortex, and it can help the body stimulate hormones that regulate the body's natural response to stress. For this reason, many people believe that basis has uplifting properties. Basil may also be able to improve memory, and it is often utilized to overcome the effects of jet lag. Basil has been commonly found in a variety of treatments for diarrhea, intestinal parasites, fevers, and skin infections. It is also thought to imitate estrogen, and may help regulate the menstrual cycle. In addition, basil may stimulate the immune system and lower the uric acid content that is responsible for arthritis and gout. Basil can also be used to treat the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Active Ingredients

Basil contains large quantities of E-Beta-CaryoPhyllene (BCP) which may be useful in treating arthritis or bowel diseases. BCP is one of the only products that naturally stimulates the body's cannabinoid receptors, and it can block the signals that lead to inflammation associated with arthritis. Basil also contains eugenol, cintronellol, linalool, and myrcene.

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