The ultimate skin drink!  Light, frosty and deliciously creamy, these Organic Shea Body Whips were
created to moisturize your skin to optimal levels of hydration.

Due to the purity of these ingredients, you need a very minimal amount to hydrate your skin, even dry skin types.  Normal skin types require about the size of a dime, to moisturize your upper or lower body.  A little goes a long way, so treat your skin everyday.

When making a batch of these delightful whips, we slowly melt the Organic Shea Butter, then add a complimentary butter, which is unique to each recipe.  Once all solids are oils, the whipping and chilling begin.  We whip the blend by hand, then pop it in a freezer for about 20 minutes, until it chills and has formed a thin, solid top layer.  During this round of whipping, we add Natural Vitamin E Oil, Natural Jojoba Oil and the complimentary Essential or Fragrance oils, to the recipe.  We continue whipping…and chilling…until our recipe has reached a light, fluffy, whipped cream like consistency, that is just heavenly.