Bath Tea is an exceptionally enjoyable addition to any tub.

fBath Tea's are handmade blends solar harvested salts from around the world, fine quality essential oils and dried premium botanicals, that enhance the bath or shower, both aromatically and sympomatically.  Each Tea comes with an organic muslin drawstring bag and a wooden spatula for scooping.   Grab your scoop and insert your favorite tea recipe in its’ recyclable cloth bag, hang under the faucet and let the steeping begin!  We recommend allowing these teas to steep for 5-10 minutes in the tub, while the beautifully dried herbs, salts and essential oils mend in the warm H20, to wisp you away on a getaway to rejuvenation.  We currently have 4 variations:

Pure Pampering – A heavy Hungarian Lavender essential oil blend, with organic rose petals and lavender buds and premium salts

Seven Salty Sea's – A heavy citrus blend featuring Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Blood Orange that will invigorate the senses with a heavy salt content

Stress Relief – A heavy Wintergreen essential oil blend, featuring Epsom Salt and Dried Arnica, which are wonderful for sore muscles or joint pain

Herbal Enlightening – A heavy camphorous blend with Peppermint and Eucalyputs Essential Oils that works wonders for sinus pressure and cold and flu symptoms