If you love bath bombs, you are in the right place!  We hand craft each bomb with raw ingredients from our apothecary room, so they reach you during optimal fresheness.  Our bombs are created with skin nourishing intensity in mind, while adding organic dry oils, vitamin E, rare butters, herbs, salts, sugars and all natural, or organic colorants.

These super fun bath time treats, are significantly better for you than most "Bath Bombs" you'll see marketed.  We have a vast assortment to choose from, which contain Vitamin E, a complimentary moisturizing butter, (some really A.Mazing butters) and natural or organic powder colorants (No Red-Yellow-Blue grossness here!).  As if it can get any better, these bombs are created, with potency in mind.  Although it's perfectly enjoyable to drop the whole bomb in, you can also use it several times, by cracking it into pieces and sprinkling some in the tub, or on your feet during a shower for the same skin nourishing effect.