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Naturally formed Pumice Stone (3.0-3.9oz)

Product Origination: Mount Shasta, Northern California, USA

Pumice stone, is naturally formed with fire and air from hot magma, during a volcano eruption.  This hot magma spews miles into the sky, while aerodynamically spinning into an oval or rounded shape.

The pumice stones we sell are gathered by foot and washed by hand, by one man who has a small business in Mt. Shasta, CA.  He has taught us that every volcano in the world has a different mineral make-up, therefore, the end results are many different varieties of pumice.

Mt. Shasta’s solid-foam pumice stone, which last erupted in the 1700’s, has particularly thick micro-cavity walls, which make these stones sharper and more durable than average pumice stone.  Each of the stones has it’s own beautiful characteristics and an educational card we send with it.  Care for your stone right and have a friend for life.









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Weight 3.90000000 oz
Dimensions 2.0 × 2.0 × 2.0 in
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Mount Shasta Pumice, $10.00, Mount Shasta Pumice, 3 for $25.00


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