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First and foremost, our CBD is overnighted in raw infusion form from Holland.  It’s sourced from the first company to ever grow and harvest CBD medicinally in the 1970’s and after speaking with over 20 companies in the world, this was the only company I felt comfortable sourcing from.  The quality is exceptional and we always try to keep this particular blend in stock, as many folks use it on the daily for chronic pain (this blend is most popular to aid in pain reflief), anxiety and depression.

CBD Whipped Organic Shea Butter’s specially decocted over a 3 hours process, that begins with infusing organic hemp seed oil, chaga mushroom and hot thai chili with turmeric essential oil.  This blend has an ultra boost with wintergreen, cinnamon, sweet birch and organic menthol crystals.

Please remember to apply in small, stimulating circles for best results, especially with inflammation.  This blend may cause a natural warming, then cooling sensation.


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