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INCI: Caffeine anhydrous

Common Name: Crystals

Certified Organic

Origin: USA

Edible Food Grade: YES

Overview and Use: Just as it sounds, this product in pure, 100% caffeine.  This product is very potent, so remember to research specific percentages, in regards to formulas you’ll be calculating.

Caffeine applied topically can make a wonderful anti-puffiness eye cream.  It also tones and tightens the skin, smoothing out fine lines and small wrinkles.  The only catch with caffeine additives: it’s like most topical ingredients, in the fact that it’s a not permanent fix.  This product works wonders in cellulite wraps, mud rubs, facial treatments, creams, etc.  It’s also important to remember that this product may cause the sensation of a caffeine buzz, so mark you products accordingly.

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