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  • Balms and Salves

    Balms and Salves (1)

    The finest in handmade, natural balms and salves.
  • Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs (20)

    If you love bath bombs, you are in the right place!  We hand craft each bomb with raw ingredients from our apothecary room, so they reach you during optimal fresheness.  Our bombs are created with skin nourishing intensity in mind, while adding organic dry oils, vitamin E, rare butters, herbs, salts, sugars and all natural, or organic colorants. These super fun bath time treats, are significantly better for you than most "Bath Bombs" you'll…
  • Bath Tea

    Bath Tea (2)

    Bath Tea is an exceptionally enjoyable addition to any tub. fBath Tea's are handmade blends solar harvested salts from around the world, fine quality essential oils and dried premium botanicals, that enhance the bath or shower, both aromatically and sympomatically.  Each Tea comes with an organic muslin drawstring bag and a wooden spatula for scooping.   Grab your scoop and insert your favorite tea…
  • Bath Tea Infuser

    Bath Tea Infuser (1)

    Use these mesh Bath Balls for steeping your Bath, or, Sipping Tea.  These are a lovely alternative to our Organic Muslin Bags, however, BOTH are reusable. The balls are very easy to fill, use, then empty when finished.  They open up into halves, then clamp shut for steeping time.  Leave them to dry and then they're ready for the next…
  • Clay, Mud and Silt

    Clay, Mud and Silt (13)

    The beautiful Clays, Silts and Muds we offer, are in their Purest, Natural form.  We offer many types of clays, including kaolinite, montmorillonites and alluminium sillicate concentrates.  These are perfect for using them "as is," by adding liqued for DIY face/body masks, or adding to bathing, toiletry and cosmetic formulas to enhance properties and coloring.
  • Exfoliants

    Exfoliants (22)

    We've got a wide range of high end exfoliants, ranging from nuts, seeds and fruit fibers, to jojoba esters & mineral powders. Exfoliating skins outer epidermus is crucial to maintaining a natural, healthy glow.  Pure Suds Co. offers a wide range of premium quality exfoliants, from fine and course sizes, that will enhance your formulas in a beautiful way. We're always trying new things, so…
  • Herbs & Botanicals

    Herbs & Botanicals (25)

    We carry ONLY THE finest quality ingredients available on the market, purchased through sustainable, Earth friendly resources!   Check out our wide selection of beautiful, dried Herbs and Botanicals!  Be sure to check back monthly, as we continue product additions for 2018!  Have an idea of a must have item you don't see, or an item not listed you'd like pricing on?  Let us…
  • Hydrosol H20's, Organic

    Hydrosol H20's, Organic (4)

    Our organic Hydrosol Water's are steam distilled in small batches, at optimal harvesting time, so they reap the highest medicinal components possible.  Organic hydrosol H2O's carry the same properties as their essential oil form, yet in a water base.  Experience a bright, uplifting boost at any moment with the fine mist spritzer, that can be used to directly hydrate skin, freshen bed linens, calm pets or make your…
  • Loofah Embedded Soap

    Loofah Embedded Soap (12)

    Loofah embedded soap is a wonderful way to combine both cleansing and exfoliating, while really enjoying your bath or shower time. Simply choose the scent you’re in the mood for, and start sudsing.  We will tell you, the loofah fiber is abrasive, as it’s meant to be, but breaks down very nicely after a few uses, to become rather enjoyable. …
  • Masks

    Masks (1)

    This category features hand crafted face and body masks, made of the most luxurious, exclusive, raw vegan ingredients.  Please check back as we'll be adding new masks on a monthly basis!
  • Massage Soap Bars

    Massage Soap Bars (3)

    Pure Suds Co.’s exfoliating massage bars feature little nodules, which stimulate blood circulation and over time, can decrease cellulite. While holding the flat side of the bar in your palm, rub the nodule side of the bar in a circular motion, over the designated area.  All Natural jojoba bead esters work to exfoliate dead skin cells, while these yummy recipes…
  • Natural Bathing Fibers

    Natural Bathing Fibers (4)

    The Natural bathing fibers and pumice featured by the Pure Suds Co. website, are supplied through Fair Trade, self sustainable programs, in the United States. Our suppliers are well renowned for consistent, fine quality items, which is just as important to us, as it is to you.  Learn about these natural goods, while you enjoy browsing our selection of hand…
  • Organic Shea Butter Whips

    Organic Shea Butter Whips (8)

    The ultimate skin drink!  Light, frosty and deliciously creamy, these Organic Shea Body Whips were created to moisturize your skin to optimal levels of hydration. Due to the purity of these ingredients, you need a very minimal amount to hydrate your skin, even dry skin types.  Normal skin types require about the size of a dime, to moisturize your upper…
  • Raw Honey Bars

    Raw Honey Bars (4)

    These rich, creamy, moistuzing bars, ALL feature the wonderful humectant, RAW HONEY!  Honey acts a protective barrier for the skin, while drawing moisture to your skins surface.  These bars are perfect for cleansing the face on a daily basis, or any sensitive areas you may have.  Some of these bars even exfolaite, while moisturizng!
  • Salt

    Salt (9)

    Sea Salts are produced from the evaporation of sea water. Sea Salts have been used for centuries for their many healing properties, which promote health, healing and beauty.  One of the main reasons Sea Salts are so beneficial, is that they work to maintain the correct balance of electrolytes in your body, while in turn strengthening your immune system and…
  • Sea Wool Embedded Soap

    Sea Wool Embedded Soap (8)

    Sea Wool Embedded Soap is unique, luxurious and feels simply amazing while cleansing your skin. We use soft, porous Rock Island Sea Wool sponges in these soap bars, which really enhances the suds factor!  These bars are a great way to turn bathing into fun time for children, especially the travel or guest size bars, as they fit perfectly in…
  • Subscription Boxes

    Subscription Boxes (2)

    Try a sampling of our products with our brand new Subscription Boxes! Each month, we'll ship seasonal items that we think you'll just love, right to your door, at a huge discount for signing up!  
  • Sweet Heart Bars

    Sweet Heart Bars (1)

    These adorable heart shaped soap bars are the perfect gift idea for that special someone.  They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and could be just what's needed to brighten up your day! 3oz Heart Shapes Ribbed or Smooth Edged
  • Teeth Whitener

    Teeth Whitener (1)

    All Natural Teeth Whitener Ingredients: Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Directions for Use:  Take a toothtick or fine tool and mix components together equally, so the powder is a light gray in color..  We recommend using a seperate tooth brush for the teeth whitener.  Begin by wetting tooth brush, then dip the very end of the toothbrush (just cover the…

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