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Pronounced “Loo-fa” or “Loo-fah”

Kingdom – Plantae – Plants

Species – Luffa aegyptiaca Mill. -  sponge gourd

Product Origination: Texas

These loofah gourds are 10" long.

Loofah, is a vine like plant, that when fully grown, looks very similar to pumpkin or squash vines.  This vegetable is technically considered a cucumber and is quite versatile, as it’s been used for anything from sandals and bath mitts, to air filters and painting application.

Loofah is considered an “Old World” plant, believed to have originated in Asia and Africa, where it still grows wildly, filling the landscape.  Growing successful loofah gourds entails a warmer climate, as the plant cannot sustain frost and needs anywhere between 115 and 200 days to mature.  The loofah gourd typically measures 1 – 2 feet in length, at maturity.

Once the gourd has fully matured, the internal fibers dry out, causing the insides to fall out.  The hard, external, porous shell, is the “sponge,” we eventually use for bathing, exfoliating and polishing our skin.