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Warm, buttery vanilla and sweet, refreshing aromas of wintergreen, awaken the soul, while tantalizing organic menthol crystals enhance moments of pure indulgence.

We absolutely love this bar and think you will, too!  The sea wool embedded bar is used by many as a shaving bar, especially men with sensitive skin.


Ingredients:  Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Shea Butter (BfL), Natural Avocado Oil, Glycerin, Filtered H20, Vitamin E Oil (tocopherol 50), 100% Pure Wintergreen Essential Oil, Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil, 100% Organic Menthol Crystals, Natural Woad Powder, Natural Nettle Leaf Powder, Titanium Dioxide (natural mineral whitener), and All Natural Jojoba Esters