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Sustainably Harvested Caribbean Sea Silk

Product Origination: Caribbean and Bahamas

Sea Silk sponges are on the lighter side of the sponge spectrum, as they are less dense in weight and feature many tiny porous holes throughout their airy texture.  However, their name stands clear.  These sponges are considered to be one of the softest, silkiest, and most durable, natural sponges to exist.  One sponge could last your entire bathing lifetime, if you treat it with care. 

Sea Silk, are organisms that dwell on the bottom of the ocean floor.  While sustainably harvesting the sea silk, licensed scuba divers, dive to the bottom of the sea, to harvest each sponge by hand.  The divers only harvest sea silk over 5” in length, and by hand cutting, roots of the sponge remain on the sea bed, allowing it to grow back fully.  Sea Silk sponges have remarkable regenerative capabilities.

Pure Suds Co. works with sustainable harvesting sea sponge programs in the Caribbean, Bahamas and the Mediterranean Sea.  We also work with an amazing ocean conservancy program, that’s been most helpful and courteous with sharing information and research studies of these creatures and their habitat. 

Learn more about how we give back to planet Earth’s renewable natural resources on our Donations page.