Sweet Heart Bars

These adorable heart shaped soap bars are the perfect gift idea for that special someone.  They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and could be just what's needed to brighten up your day!

3oz Heart Shapes

Ribbed or Smooth Edged

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African Violet Sweet Pea Sweet Heart Bar
The perfect size soap bar for gift giving, traveling or the guest bathrooom.   3oz/85g Sm..
Hungarian Lavender Sweet Heart Soap
Classic French Lavender is replaced by floral and fragrant, yet smooth and mildly camphorous, Hungar..
Milk with Honey and Oats Sweetheart Bar
This heart shaped bar is ideal for treating guests, hosting parties, or gifting to someone, jus..
Patchouli Peppermint Sweet Heart Bar
Ingredients: Organic Palm Kernal Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Nilotica Butter, Organic Cas..
Rose Geranium Sweet Heart Bar
The perfect soap bar for a gift, guests or traveling!  The geranium essential oil in this formu..