Raw Honey Bars

These rich, creamy, moistuzing bars, ALL feature the wonderful humectant, RAW HONEY!  Honey acts a protective barrier for the skin, while drawing moisture to your skins surface.  These bars are perfect for cleansing the face on a daily basis, or any sensitive areas you may have.  Some of these bars even exfolaite, while moisturizng!

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Honey with Almond and Calendula BIG Bar
This BIG bar features everything you love about the HAC bar, minus the natural Fiber of loofah or se..
Milk with Honey & Oats Loofah
The sweet, natural, nectar of raw honey, swirled with creamy milk and topped with soothing organic r..
Milk with Honey and Oats BIG Bar
This BIG Raw Honey soap bar is loaded with nutritious, skin moisturizing goodies!  Scrub up wit..
Milk with Honey and Oats Sweetheart Bar
This heart shaped bar is ideal for treating guests, hosting parties, or gifting to someone, jus..