We've got a wide range of high end exfoliants, ranging from nuts, seeds and fruit fibers, to jojoba esters & mineral powders.

Exfoliating skins outer epidermus is crucial to maintaining a natural, healthy glow.  Pure Suds Co. offers a wide range of premium quality exfoliants, from fine and course sizes, that will enhance your formulas in a beautiful way. We're always trying new things, so you can too!  Let us know if there's something we don't carry, that you would like a price quote on, in any quantity.  

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Apricot Seed Meal
 Ingredients: Prunus armeiaca (Apricot) Seed Meal All Natural Origin: United States Th..
Black Walnut Hull Powder
Ingredients: Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra) Powder Wild Crafted Origin: United States De..
Carob Powder, Organic & Kosher
INCI: Ceratonia siliqua Certified Organic Kosher Certified Origin: Turkey ..
Chia Seed
INCI: Salvia hispanica Common Name: Chia Seed Certified Organic – Kosher Certified Or..
Coconut Fruit Flake
Coconut Flakes Certified Organic  Kosher Certified Edible Food Grade: YES, Highest Gra..
Coconut Shell Powder
Ingredients: Coconut Shell Powder All Natural Origin: India Use our 40 mesh Coconut Shell..
Cranberry Seed
Ingredients: Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Origin: United States Our natural, cosme..
Fig Fruit Powder
Ingredients: Fig Fruit (Ficus carica) Powder All Natural Origin: United States ..
Grape Seed Powder
This awesome grape seed powder can be used to boost antioxidants in skin recipes or dietary suppleme..
Honey Crystals, Certified Organic and Kosher
Ingredients: Honey Powder Granules Certified Organic Kosher Certified Origin: United States..
Jojoba Esters, Blue
Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Esters, Ultramarine Origin: United States All Natur..
Jojoba Esters, Green
Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Esters, Hydrated Chromium Oxide Origin: United States ..
Kelp Granules
Ascophyllum nodosum laminaria digitala (Laminara Kelp) Certified Organic Origin: North At..
Loofah Powder
INCI: Luffa Cylindrica Fruit Powder Common Name: Luffa All Natural Origin: China Edible ..
Oatmeal, Colloidal
INCI: Avena sativas Certified Organic Kosher Certified Origin: United States Description..
Poppy Seed, Blue
INCI: Papaver somniferum Certified Organic Origin: United States  Edible Food Gra..
Pumice, White, Fine
INCI: Volcanic Rock Common Name: Lava Rock Powder All Natural Origin: United States Edib..
Raspberry Fruit Seed
Raspberry Fruit Seed INCI: Rubus idaeus (raspberry) Seed All Natural - Non GMO Kosher Certi..
Red Alaea Salt
Ingredients: Red Hawaiian Salt Kosher Cerified Origin: Hawaii, USA ..
Rice Bran Powder
Ingredients: Rice Bran Powder, Fine INCI: Oryza sativa Certified Organic Kosher C..
Silt, Yellow
Ingredients: Yellow Silt Origin: India Description: French yellow clay is made up of fine..
Soy Seed
Uniquely, great texture.  Try this "soy scrub" on any area of the body within masks, ..
Tapioca Pearls, Small
Ingredients: Manihot esculenta root Ceritified Organic Origin: Thailand ..
Vanilla Beans, Whole, Organic
Ingredients: Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) Certifed Organic Origin: Guatamala ..
Walnut Shell Powder, Fine
Our 60/100 mesh Fine Walnut Shell Powder is a natural, gentle exfoliant that is well suited for use ..
Yucca Root Powder
INCI: Yucca glauca Wildharvested Origin: United States Because of its skin healing benefit,..