Clay, Mud and Silt

The beautiful Clays, Silts and Muds we offer, are in their Purest, Natural form. 

We offer many types of clays, including kaolinite, montmorillonites and alluminium sillicate concentrates.  These are perfect for using them "as is," by adding liqued for DIY face/body masks, or adding to bathing, toiletry and cosmetic formulas to enhance properties and coloring.

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Bentonite Clay
Ingredients: Bentonite Clay Origin: USA Description: Bentonite clay is a clay that is min..
Brazilian Clay, Purple
INCI: Montmorillonite, Kaolin, Mica Origin: Brazil Description:  Purple Brazili..
Brazilian Clay, Red
INCI: Montmorillonite, Kaolin and Mica Origin: Brazil Description:  Red Br..
Dead Sea Clay
Ingredients: Dead Sea Clay Origin: Israel Description: The Dead Sea is unique due to its ..
French Green Clay
Ingredients: French Green Clay Origin: France Description: Green clays consist of curativ..
Fuller's Earth Clay
INCI: Multani mitti Description: Fuller’s earth or multani mitti is a clay-like substa..
Green Zeolite Clay
Ingredients: Zeolite Origin: Amargosa Valley, Nevada, United States Description:  Ze..
Illite Clay, Orange
Ingredients: Illite Clay, Orange Origin: India Description:  Illite is ultra rich in..
Kaolin Clay, Blush
Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Blush Origin: USA Descripton: Rose clay is considered a mild Ka..
Kaolin Clay, Slate
Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Slate Origin: Romania Description: Useful on oily, tired and se..
Kaolin Clay, White
INCI: Kaolinite Description: The most versatile and easily applied clay that is commonly fou..
Moroccan, Red Clay
Ingredients: Red Moroccan Clay Origin: Atlas Mountain Region, Morocco Description: &..
Rhassoul Clay
Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay INCI: Rhassoul Origin: Turkey Description: This clay is nat..
Silt, Yellow
Ingredients: Yellow Silt Origin: India Description: French yellow clay is made up of fine..