Sea Salts are produced from the evaporation of sea water.

Sea Salts have been used for centuries for their many healing properties, which promote health, healing and beauty.  One of the main reasons Sea Salts are so beneficial, is that they work to maintain the correct balance of electrolytes in your body, while in turn strengthening your immune system and increasing your energy output.

Sea Salts are known to soften and smooth the skin, while decreasing the appearance of fine lines. They are used world wide medicinally to treat common ailments and promote healing.  These salts can help improve everything from your skins glow, and muscle cramps, to heart issues and so on.  Reap the benefits of these amazing salts and start soaking today.

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Black Lava Salt
Ingredients: Solar evaporated Hawaiian Salt and activated Coconut Shell Charcoal  Koshe..
Bolivian Pink Salt, Course
Ingredients: Bolivian Pink Salt Origin: Bolivia Kosher Certified Edible Food Grade: YES ..
Dead Sea Salt, Course
The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is almost nine times saltier than the ocean.  It has ..
Dead Sea Salt, Fine
Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt Origin: Eastern Atlantic Coast, Jordin ..
Dendritic Salt
Dendritic Salt is a moisture absorbing, crystallized, finely grained salt.  While being process..
Epsom Salt, Fine
INCI: Magnesium Sulfate The health benefits of Epsom Salt, seem to be becoming more well known, m..
European Sea Salt, Course
Pure and pristine, European Sea Salts are harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, by using ancient met..
Grey Sea Salt
Ingredients: Sea Salt Food Grade Origin: Coastal Pacific Ocean, United States ..
Himalayan Salt, Course
Ingredients: Himalayan Salt Origin: Pakistan ..
Himalayan Salt, Fine
The beautiful, ancient and inspiringly therapeutic salt, known as Himalayan, offers Earth’s pu..
Himalayan Salt, Medium
The beautiful, ancient and inspiringly therapeutic salt, known as Himalayan, offers Earth’s pu..
Pink Rose Salt
Ingredients: Pink Rose Salt Origin: Utah, United States ..
Red Alaea Salt
Ingredients: Red Hawaiian Salt Kosher Cerified Origin: Hawaii, USA ..
Sonoma Salt
INCI: Sodium Chloride Hand harvested off the coast of San Fransicso, CA, USA Solar dried and p..