Natural Bathing Fibers

The Natural bathing fibers and pumice featured by the Pure Suds Co. website, are supplied
through Fair Trade, self sustainable programs, in the United States.

Our suppliers are well renowned for consistent, fine quality items, which is just as important to us, as it is to you.  Learn about these natural goods, while you enjoy browsing our selection of hand plucked fibers and pumice from around the globe.

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Caribbean Sea Silk
Sustainably Harvested Caribbean Sea Silk Product Origination: Caribbean and Bahamas Sea S..
Loofah Pronounced “Loo-fa” or “Loo-fah” Kingdom – Plantae &ndash..
Mediterranean Sea Silk
Sustainably Harvested Sea Silk from the Mediterranean Sea in Jordan So many great uses and posibi..
Mediterranean Sea Wool
Sustainably Harvested Mediterranean Sea Wool Product Origination: Mediterranean Sea, Jordan ..
Pacific Sea Silk
Sustainably Harvested Sea Silk harvested from the Pacific Ocean ..
Pumice Stone
Naturally formed Pumice Stone (3.0-3.9oz) Product Origination: Mount Shasta, Northern Califo..