Client of the Month: March 2016

Our featured client of the month for February 2016 is Joan Hess, of Factoryville, PA.  We spent some time with Joan, to get to know her a little better and understand why she loves Pure Suds Co.'s products so much.  Here's what we found out:  Joan is a retired mother of three and grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren, Michael and Madison; whom she enjoys spending time with most.  Her cats, "Damon" and "Bobbles" were both welcomed into her home as rescue kitties and now have a wonderfully happy life with her, being spoiled.  They often join her for walks throughout the wooded trails of Keystone College, which is another of her favorite pasttimes.  She spends the Spring and Summer months working in her garden, where her most beloved flower is the white gardenia.  Out of all of travel experiences, her favorite place to travel and spend time, is Anguilla in the British West Indies.  She said the beauty was just amazing.  We bet, sounds gorgeous!!


Joan's favorite product from PSC is ANY of the Milk with Honey and Oats soap bars.  She said she really loves how she can utilitze the rolled oats in the soap bar to exfoliate, while the raw honey nourishes skin at the same time.  She also LOVES the scent of this bar and said she could remeber the first time she came into the store and smelled it, knowing she needed some!  That made us smile!  Here she is pictured with her Milk with Honey and Oats Sweetheart Soap Bar, one of our favorites too!  Thanks for the wonderful time we were able to spend together and look forward to seeing you in the store soon, Joan! <3